Project Description

Horatio Duplex
New York, NY  |  2014

Transferring to NYC from a modern home in California, a duplex with a garden in a converted brownstone met the owner’s space goals but not their style preferences. MDA discovered ways to “enlarge” the apartment, add function, and imbue it with quality finishes. Clean modern lines make the spaces feel larger. Moving the stair forward and continuous built-in millwork within the kitchen and dining area enhance the sense of space and function. Strategic structural changes and replacing the space consuming PTAC units throughout the unit adds usable space to each room. The renovation includes a new open kitchen, three renovated baths, all new finishes, and new heating, cooling and lighting. New garden walls, seating and pavers transform the outdoor space into a Zen-like open rear garden. Finishes, hardware and details now coordinate with the owner’s modern furnishings. The end result is a flowing space, with a coordinated palette of materials and a vast increase in function.

MDA designgroup